100 years ago, Palestine was drenched in malaria, making it either uninhabitable in many areas or thinly populated. 90 years ago, Palestine became the first place in the world where a successful national malaria-eradication campaign began.

The following presentations all relate to aspects of these events - please click the [links] to view each presentation.

  1. A general [overview] of Malaria 100 years ago in Palestine, together with an examination of the contribution of Dr Israel Kligler, and of his achievement in malaria eradication.
  2. A warning to [travellers] of the dangers of malaria.
  3. Malaria and its effect on the outcome of [World War 1]
  4. Detailed aspects of Malaria Eradication:
    a. The [swamps] of Palestine and early unsuccessful attempts at malaria eradication.
    b. Eradication of malaria:-
    1. early [unsuccessful] attempts.
    2. subsequent [successful] steps together with explanations of education.
    c. Obstacles to malaria eradication:
    1. An acceptance, a fatalism, a sense of the [inevitability] of malaria.
    2. Co-operation of Arabs and Jews in Palestine 90 years ago, despite: -
      (i) [Anticipated] difficulties.
      (ii) [Unexpected] difficulties.
    3. Examples of difficulties including [1938] violence.
    d. [Education] an overlooked, yet vital and essential, ingredient in malaria elimination.
    e. [Durability] of malaria elimination in Palestine.
  5. 1930 [Textbook] by Dr I Kligler "The Epidemiology and Control of Malaria in Palestine."
  6. A [link] with democracy perhaps?
  7. [Bednets] and malaria elimination
  8. General [Allenby] the last cavalry charge, and malaria
  9. The [1949 map of Israel] = a triumph over malaria.

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